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Decision making  is having to choose between two or more possible courses of action.  It may not always be the correct decision.

Sometimes there may have been a better choice available, or the right information may not have been on hand at the time of making the decision.  Whatever choice we ultimately make will be ours

Choices are before us for every issue we encounter. We have to make a choice or decision for every action in our lives. Frequently we do not consider that a decision has been made, as we automatically action some thought immediately it comes to mind! Life is about living. Living is about making choices – consciously or otherwise.  The human capacity to determine a path we are going to take, in the flash an instant, reflects the ability of the human brain to process thoughts and patterns developed.

In the past, many people have believed that fate would dictate the route for their lives. Some have even believed that the actions of their fathers, has laid the path that they must take.


"Decision" quote by philosopher/poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, dated 1859.
“Decision” quote by philosopher/poet Ralph Waldo Emerson, dated 1859.

a new era of thinking has been happening. A realization that we all have the ability to make our own decisions about our life!  Choices in the past have all often been disregarded. We believed that what went before still applied. An enlightened age has been felt in the world for some considerable time. People have now got an understanding that they have options; choices they can consider taking.  Better still, there is the opportunity to change your mind.

Decision making is about weighing up the points of each choice offered. While some may seem to be the only choice, with consideration, we will see that there are options available. Consider, for example – a parent is ill and unable to prepare and serve the family meal. There are choices available such as –

  • Buy in a Take-away meal, or
  • make do with a lesser menu – utilize what is available in larder and frig,
  • Prepare the meal yourself
  • Invite someone else to cook the meal.
  • Forgo the meal all together.

With a little extra thought, a choice can be made. Take into consideration all the advantages and disadvantages of the situation. Don’t jump into a situation – there could be dire consequences. Remember also that you can still change your mind.

Once a choice has been made, we will often dwell on the decision, visualizing the outcome; we begin working towards that end result. As with any decision made, there will always be limits on the time and result of our choice. Making a simple plan will be formulated. What do you want to achieve; who or what do I need to help get my choice fulfilled? How much time have I got to do this? Finally, what is it that I want to achieve at the end – when my choice is fulfilled.

Make choices for yourself that are in your best interests. This is your life you are living. Negotiation is possible to get the best possible outcome. The ideal is to have all the criteria – the points for and against each choice, clearly defined in your mind.  Hopefully you will have time to consider the situation. Make choices that will bring you closer to your preferred outcome. Take time before making a decision. If there will be other parties involved, ensure that you are caring for your own well being first and foremost. Whilst we care about the results, the Universal Being will always watch over our growth and spirit.

“ Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen” –Quote :- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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